Preparing for Your Surgery

As a patient you can help to maximize the potential for improved surgical result by eating healthily, not smoking and taking the correct dosage of vitamins and minerals to maximize wound healing and minimize infection.

  • High protein / High vitamin C diet 6 weeks pre and post op
  • No smoking or nicotine products: patches or gum for 6 weeks pre and post op
    • Smoking increases risk of infection & wound break down by 40-70%
  • Steroid users: Vit A 15,000u by mouth post op x 1 week
  • Avoidance of non-approved Herbal Medications or excess doses of vitamins
  • Wound care as instructed by the doctors
  • Accutane must not have been used for at least six months. Accutane may increase your chances of keloid-like scarring and / or wound break down.