Dermabrasion Boston - Reduce Wrinkles Wellesley, MA

Dermabrasion is an extremely effective way to rejuvinate the face by reducing wrinkles and pigment irregularities without damaging the pigment cells. This results in a more youthful face without the pigment abnormalities that can develop with laser resurfacing. In general the procedure causes minimal pain post operatively.


However, a herpetic outbreaks can cause a delay in healing and marked pain. It is critical that you take an antiviral starting 24-48 hours prior to the procedure and for 2-3 weeks after in order to prevent a herpetic outbreak.

Post operatively the dermabraded areas should be kept covered at all times with Crisco and a saline wet compress to prevent scabs and discomfort. Prevention of a scab will allow the skin to grow over the surface quicker and expedite the overall healing process. You may shower daily and wash gently with soap and/or water.