Reconstructive Surgery Boston

Both of the Dr.s O’Sullivan have had extensive experience working in underserved parts of the world. Dr. Renee Bennett O’Sullivan spent 3 years in Jakarta working with the 7th Day Adventist performing reconstructive surgery on patients of all ages. She also worked in Haiti and helped to set up a burn unit the the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. Dr. Kimberley O’Sullivan started to do voluntary missionary work in high school, volunteering with a church mission to help paint a church in Haiti and then spending a summer in Honduras teaching dental hygiene with the Amigos de las Americas program. Through out medical school, residency and while in practice, she has continued to do Plastic Reconstructive Surgery in many countries such as Haiti, Equador, and Guatemala.

In the United States, the doctors are volunteers for the victims of wars through the Iraq Star program.

Reconstructive surgery includes skin cancer excision and reconstruction, breast reconstruction and reduction, tumor resection and reconstruction, abdominal hernia repairs (often combined with an abdominplasty, ear deformity reconstruction, hand surgery: carpal tunnel, trigger finger, ganglion cysts) , trauma and burn surgery.

The doctors operate on patients of all ages and perform a variety of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery in their practice.