Liposuction Boston - Lipoplasty Wellesley, MA

Liposuction is a terrific and effective body contouring procedure for many patients. Liposuction is ideal for the patient with excess fatty fullness and excellent skin tone. Liposuction has the benefit that the scars are minimal. The limitation of liposuction is that the end result is largely dependent on the ability of the skin to contract. Patients of normal weight who are in good physical condition do the best. Older patients may have less impressive results due to the loss of skin elasticity and ineffective skin contraction post operatively. The patient must understand the limitations of this procedure and that every patient’s body reacts differently to removal of underlying fat.


Through examination of the patients skin quality, the doctors will help the patient to understand the limits of the procedure and whether a more extensive and potentially costly procedure, such as abdominoplasty or thigh lift, would be more effective options to achieve the result desired.


Liposuction carries greater risk for individuals with medical problems such as diabetes, significant heart or lung disease, poor blood circulation, or those who have recently had surgery near the area to be contoured.

The super-wet technique of liposuction is used by the Dr.s O’Sullivan to minimize the risk to the patient. This involves injection of fluid with a vasocontrictive agent to reduce blood loss with close monitoring of the amount of fluid being injected and fat removed.


The greatest limitation of liposuction is due to the fact that the scars are so minimal. The fact that this is a closed technique, results in increased chance of imperfections in the final appearance. The patient should understand that a touch up procedure at 1 year may be desired to address visible irregularities. Numbness and pigmentation changes are to be expected in the early post operative period.

After your surgery

Surgical garment is encouraged for 6 weeks continuously and intermittently for up to 3-6 months post operatively. A noticeable difference in the shape of your body is immediately visible, but the maximum improvement is typically seen at three months post operatively when the swelling resolves.