Breast Lift Boston - Mastopexy Wellesley, MA

Mastopexy is a wonderfully satisfying procedure. Patients LOVE their breast after mastopexy. This procedure lifts the breast on the chest wall. This procedure may be done independently or in combination with a breast implant. The decision is determined by the amount of tissue present and the desired outcome. Consultation will elucidate which option will best achieve your goals.


Mastopexy without an implant is indicated for the patient that believes that her breast size in the bra is perfect but the shape is undesirable: too long, flattened, asymmetric and/or with large or malpositioned nipple areolar complexes.

After mastopexy the breast contour into an aesthetic rounded mound. The nipple areolar complexes are usually reduced in size and lifted up on the chest wall. The natural sway of the breast will develop between 3 & 12 months after surgery with out excessive superior fullness. If a more rounded breast with superior fullness is desired, mastopexy is best combined with an implant.
Mastopexy usually does not interfere with future breast-feeding. The nipple areola will stay in a nice high position and will not enlarge after pregnancy. However, pregnancy may stretch the skin and create flattening of the lifted breasts.