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Breast Augmentation is a wonderful procedure which is used to restore or establish the normal female aesthetics in a patient who has experienced:

  • lack of growth: agenesis or micromastia
  • Loss of breast tissue post pregnancy: post partum atrophy
  • Sagging of the breast with age: involution of breast tissu to fatty tissue
  • Resection of breast due to malignancy or risk of malignancy



O’Sullivan’s Hidden scar technique which is distinctly different than the standard alternatives: periareolar, inframammary, and axillary incisions.

The unique technique used by the Doctors O’Sullivan for breast augmentation results in a nearly scarless breast. Not only is the scar barely visible, but retention of the nipple sensation and function is better in most patients, or equal to that seen with the use of other techniques.

Picture of transarealor scar by Dr. O'Sullivan

Initial consultation

During the initial consultation the doctors will spend 1-2 hours detailing the options available to the patient based on the physical exam of breasts and desired outcome. The patient will be educated with regards to the pros and cons of available implant styles, shape, type, surgical options for placement, incisions etc.

The patient is recommended to bring in pictures of naked breasts which are “just right”, “too small” and “too big” in size. This information combined with the evaluation of the breast will allow the Dr.s O’Sullivan to directly determine the best options available to achieve look that you desire. These photos are used in the operating room to match the patient’s desired size as best as possible. It is very rare for a patient of the Dr.s O’Sullivan to desire a size change after the initial surgery.

Breast implants

You may choose either Silicone or Saline breast implants. Both of the doctors have been integrally involved with the Institutional Review Board’s evaluation of the Silicone implants over the past 10+ years. Therefore, the doctors can comfortably discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both Silicone & Saline implants.

Aside from deciding if the implants should be silicone or saline, there are many issues that the patient must consider when undergoing the breast augmentation.

Incision placement can be:

  • “Submammary” behind the breast tissue or
  • “Submuscular”: behind the chest wall muscle, pectoralis;

Implant style may be:

  • round or
  • contoured;

Surface texture may be:

  • textured or
  • smooth.

The many options available to the patient for this procedure are discussed in detail so that the patient can make an informed decision and be comfortable with the choices made.

Breast Augmentation and Breast Lifts

Breast augmentation is frequently combined with a lift, (mastopexy). This is done to correct undesirable shape of the breast or nipple areola complex. A mastopexy, will elevate the nipple areola position and reduce its diameter. Mastopexy with Augmentation will create a breast with a more rounded and youthful appearance with superior fullness which persists over time.

Consultation with the Doctors will elucidate which option will best achieve your goals.

After your surgery

The patient is to wear a bra for 3 weeks post operatively around the clock. The bra should have a cup to allow the skin to contour anteriorly and maintain medial placement of the implants to maximize the cleavage of the breast. The bra should not have an underwire for the 6 weeks post surgery, as it may cause wound break down or irritation of the skin overlying the implant.

Placement of an implant comes with risks. In general, patient’s who undergo this procedure can anticipate 1-2 more procedures in a life time. To best understand the statistics of the complications you may go to the implant web site: